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Coronavirus Update

By on 17/03/20

Your health and wellbeing is very important to us as is our staffs’. We are following the advice of Public Health England and the World Health Organisation closely. Please be aware that we are offering hand sanitiser to all patients entering the practice and are using anti-bacterial/ anti-viral cleaning spray and wipes on all our surfaces, handles, banisters, toilets and anything else with which you may come into contact. This is for our patients protection as well as our own.

Currently, we are open for business as normal and we intend to remain so for as long as we are both able, and permitted, to carry on opening.

If you are a contact lens wearer now is the time to order any contact lenses which you may need and stock up on solutions. It is likely that lens companies may close in the next 2 – 3 weeks (this has happened abroad and a lot of our contact lenses are made in Europe). As ever, we also recommend that contact lens wearers should have a pair of spectacles to fall back on in case they are unable to wear their lenses for any reason.

Also, if you are a spectacle wearer, please make sure that you have a spare pair of spectacles. We still have a multi-pair offer on Essilor lenses which is available while Essilor are open and able to supply us. Full details of this offer is on this website at Essilor Lenses Offers.

We have a wide range of designer frames available and we also have budget frames from £75 complete with basic anti reflection coated lenses. If you have a simple prescription, and you want coated lenses and a frame we have in stock, we can get usually get the spectacles ready within 48 hours of ordering and often 24 hours or less.

At this time, in particular, it pays to be prepared so we suggest that you act now and get in before any closures. You can book an eye test on this website; call us on 0117 9735929 or contact us by email on juulpayne.reception@gmail.com

Best Wishes,
Jan Juul
Optometrist / Owner

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