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By on 31/05/19

We’ve got two great summer offers on lenses in association with Essilor. Both offers are valid until the end of December 2019.

Valid with purchase of transition lenses

If you buy 2 complete pairs of glasses (frames and lenses) we will give you the second pair of Polarised Xperio lenses free of charge. That’s a saving of £150 to £700 depending on the lenses you choose. Enjoy a ‘wardrobe’ of summer eyewear. 

Polarised lenses really cut glare especially from water and make bright summer weather so much more comfortable.
New Transition lenses change really quickly from very clear to dark enough for bright sun and the most advanced can actually change inside your car. Modern cars have UV blockers in the glass to protect your upholstery but that stops ordinary photochromic lenses working.
These two pairs of lenses will cover you for all summer, I’ve got both - one set of Transitions for general wear and my Polaroid’s in the car ready for driving or sightseeing.

Valid with purchase of your first set of Crizal coated lenses

We’ve got a second offer on Essilor’s latest Crizal coated lenses which gives you at least 50% off a second pair. Crizal coatings are really excellent for clarity and comfort. They’re particularly recommended for anyone doing a lot of computer work as the coatings (multiple thin coats on both sides of the lens) really sharpen the image in the same way that a high quality camera lenses gives a sharper picture. Wearers find their work is easier and more comfortable or as my sister (a computer specialist) put it, “I don’t have to look so hard”.

Other News

Interest free credit may be available on major purchases should you wish to take advantage of this.

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