Our new streamlined patient journey

By on 29/07/20

We have now reopened our doors for routine eyecare and are making every effort to offer you the highest quality eyecare in the safest possible environment. With most of our staff having returned, we are open 6 days a week from 1st August 2020.

In order to protect you during your visit, we h...    Read More

New Online Services

By on 07/07/20

We are implementing a number of new on-line services over the coming weeks designed to make it easier, and more convenient, for you to interact with us.

These on-line services include:

A Webstore (for viewing or purchasing Single Vision prescription glasses; sunglasses or Contact Lenses. Virtual Consultation (online appointments with an Optometrist or fitting consultations with a Dispensing Optician).

An updated and improved Website with more eye care information and ...    Read More

July 2020 Update

By on 06/07/20

We are now offering a full range of eye care services to all of our patients by way of pre booked comprehensive eye examinations; contact lens appointments and styling consultations.

During July 2020 we are:

Extending our opening hours Introducing new (and even safer) eye exam technology Launching the first of our new online services


All of these changes are designed to ensure that we can continue to provide you with the highest quality (and safest) ey...    Read More

Open for Business

By on 18/06/20

We are now allowed to offer a full range of eye care services to both our private and NHS funded patients.

As you would expect, we have adopted best practice guidelines issued by the College of Optometrists and the Association of Optometrists on social distancing; PPE use; frame sterilisers and other aspects of our processes and the Practice physical environment. As ...    Read More

Take Two – Essilor Lenses Offers

By on 17/02/20

You don’t have only one pair of shoes do you? You may need glasses for computer work; driving or sun protection. You may just want a ‘wardrobe’ of eyewear for different occasions.

Why...    Read More

For the love of colour: Prue by Ronit Furst

By on 04/12/19

Are vibrant and colourful words you live by? If you’ve watched Bake-off and admired chef and entrepeneur Prue Leith’s glasses and sense of style, you’ll be in love with our new collection, Prue by Ronit Furst! Ronit Furst frames are known for being individual and hand-painted but in their collaborati...    Read More

Back to school: Visual Stress Assessments for children

By on 30/09/19

Does your child struggle with or avoid reading? You might think they just prefer to play video games or watch TV, but the truth is they could be suffering from Visual Stress, which can cause them discomfort and difficulties while reading. 

What is Visual Stress?

...    Read More

Are you eligible for Ortho K lenses?

By on 07/08/19

Are you eligible for Ortho K lenses?

Ever heard of Ortho K? This is a simple treatment that is suitable for both adults and children who are shortsighted, that provides clear vision all day long, without the hassle of wearing glasses or contacts in the da...    Read More

UV protection and sunglasses in Bristol

By on 31/05/19

Do you know the A, B, C’s of UV protection? Most of us have heard about UV protection when it comes to sunblock. But your eyes need protecting just as much as your skin. The sun produces harmful UV radiation in the form of UVA, UVB and UVC.

So what can you do about it?

Invest in a high-quality pair of UV protection sunglasses. But before we get in...    Read More

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