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Have you ever felt that contact lenses are not for you? Perhaps you tried them before and they didn't work, you've been told your prescription isn't suitable, or you only want to wear them occasionally. Maybe you just can't bear the thought of putting them in and taking them out of your eyes. Contact lens design has changed as much in the last few years as mobile phone design, lenses are thinner, more comfortable, hold moisture better and come in an ever larger range of prescriptions.

Space-age technology has made lenses safer, more comfortable and convenient than ever before. Ultra-thin, ultra-soft disposable lenses can be worn daily, or continuously for up to 30 days, even while you sleep. We have made special effects lenses for film companies in many unusual designs. 

Our highly qualified team of contact lens specialists offer advice based on experience and is supported by specialist contact lens manufacturers. We attend frequent training events and keep up to date with all the latest innovations.  Whatever your eyes need, our experts are able to source and fit the ideal contact lens solution. So why not come and talk to us?

Daily Disposable

Great for both occasional and full time wearers, Daily Disposables are quickly becoming the most popular way to wear contact lenses. By using a brand new lens every day, your eye is much less likely to develop microbial infections and allergies compared with traditional re-usable lenses.

Available for:

Short Sight, Far or long Sight, Astigmatism, Presbyopia (Varifocal).

2 Weekly or Monthly Disposable

Great for full time wearers, reusable contact lenses have been around for many years and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. The wide range of reusable lenses means that they can be better for people with stronger prescriptions (which may not be available in a daily disposable). Modern reusable lenses tend to be made of Silicon Hydrogel materials, which enable more oxygen to the front of your eye, thereby allowing a longer wear time and even overnight wear - imagine waking up with clear vision!

Available for:

Short Sight, Far or long Sight, Astigmatism, Presbyopia (Varifocal).

Toric (for Astigmatism)

Whilst the more common short & long sighted prescriptions can be corrected with standard "spherical" contact lenses, Astigmatic Prescriptions require a "toric" lens. These more specialised lenses allow better accuracy at correcting the distortion that's seen at all distances with an astigmatic or "rugby-ball shaped" eye. Toric lenses are now available in more and more varieties, including Daily Disposable, Monthly Reusable, Traditional Hydrogel, or breathable Silicon Hydrogel materials.

Available for:

Short Sight, Far Sight, Astigmatism, Presbyopia (Varifocal).

Varifocal (for Presbyopia)

As our eyes age, the crystalline lens inside becomes harder and can no-longer change shape to vary its focus. This means that after the age of 45-50, we all find that we need extra help adjusting our focus from distance to near. These Varifocal contact lens options provide a stronger prescription for near, allowing you to read more comfortably without glasses, whilst maintaining great distance vision at the same time!

Available in dailies, 2 weekly lenses . monthly soft lenses and toric for astigmatism combined with presbyopia i.e. varifocal toric lenses. 

keratoconus lenses

With the latest materials these will allow you to wear your lenses for longer periods with excellent comfort. We can supply soft, gas permeable, semi scleral and combination gas permiable soft lenses. 

Special effects lenses

We have designed and supplied special effects lenses for TV and film companies. These can be soft or gas permeable hard and occasionally full sclerals which cover all of the visible eye area.

Gas permeable hard contact lenses

These smaller lenses are easier to handle and very robust usually lasting around a year or more. The material used gives very clear vision especially for unusual prescriptions. Carefully designed to your exact requirements, these lenses can also be made as bifocal or varifocal and can also be used for overnight wear of up to a month at a time.  

Ortho - K

Contact lenses custom designed by us to wear while you sleep at night for the temporary correction of myopia (nearsightedness) with or without moderate astigmatism. While you sleep, the gentle pressure from your eyelid on the lens is transferred to your tear layer changing the shape of your cornea which improves your vision overnight. If you wake in the night you can see through these special Gas permeable lenses.  When you remove the lenses in the morning, you can see well without lenses or glasses. Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle, for swimming or active watersports for example. Our longest wearing patient has been safely wearing this lens type for 10 years with 6/6 20/20 vision and great comfort. The unusual side effect of this type of lens is it slows or stops shortsightedness (myopia).  

Ortho K is especially useful for children to help slow the progession of their myopia. By wearing these special lenses every night their vision remains constant during their teens when the body is growing and there is the potential for myopia to increase. Our young ortho k wearers are very successful and enjoy the many benifits of Ortho K lenses. Surprisingly studies show children are better at handling lenses, cleaning and caring for them than adults. 

It's like safe laser surgery for children or adults and works best on low to moderate myopia and now up to +3.00 far or long sight. 

ChromaGen Lenses™

ChromaGen™ lenses are contact lenses with coloured filters. These are helpful for colour blindness and dyslexia.

Myopia Control Lenses

We also provide myopia control lenses to stop you going more shortsighted. We have a wide range of specialist lenses for this too, from daily and monthly disposable soft lenses to gas permeable hard lenses worn only at night. These include:

  • misight, a daily disposeable SiHi for myopia control from Coopervision
  • MYLO from Markennovy, a monthly SiHi for myopia control
  • Xtensa RX also from Markennovy, a daily SiHi which has powers from +/-10.00 with cyls up to -5.75 so there are very few people now who can't have a safe, comfortable daily disposable lens.

Transitions Lenses

We fit the new ACUVUE® OASYS with TransitionsTM Light Intelligent TechnologyTM, the first of-its-kind contact lens that adapts seamlessly to changing light. ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™ quickly adapts to balance the amount of indoor and outdoor light entering the eye, including filtering blue light and blocking harmful UV rays.


We can also supply other contact lenses which suit the unusual prescription. We also treat dry eye problems and other related conditions.

Did you know?

We can fit all makes and types of lenses including:

  • Daily Disposable lenses
  • Two weekly and monthly lenses
  • Toric lenses for astigmatism
  • Varifocal lenses
  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses
  • Ortho K lenses
  • Coloured Contact Lenses and special effects contact lenses.
  • keratoconic speciality lenses
  • coloured contact lenses for dyslexia

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Bioclear 1 Day


Air Optix Night & Day

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