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Welcome to Juul & Payne

We are a local independent Clifton practice just off Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol with easy plentiful parking opposite in the Clifton Down Centre. We provide excellence in vision care, glasses and contact lenses for all ages and budgets. We have specialist clinics for dry eye, School Vision (dyslexia) and myopia control (reduce short sightedness). We have a wide range of stylish and unusual frames from all over the world, with special links to Denmark and Japan. We provide a first class friendly service to our private and NHS patients.

Our People

Janice Juul
Owner & Optometrist


BSc FBOA BCLA Member of the British Contact Lens Association.

Member of the International Institute of Colorimetry

Diploma in School Vision

Qualified in 1976 and opened Juul & Payne in 1983, over 35 years ago. Mrs. Juul is the owner of this independent practice. As our optometrist, Mrs. Juul specialises in dry eyes, behavioural optometry, children's vision as well as contact lenses.

Angus Maclaren-Ross

Angus has been with us for over three years now. He is experienced in a range of optometry fields, with particular interests in blepharitis and glaucoma. He is focused on keeping pace with the best in healthcare practice and attends the hospital eye conference to do so. He is 6ft 8 and technically a giant. Angus also has a wealth of personal and professional experience with children and adults with special educational needs and disabilities.

Jo Low

Jo has been with the practice since 2013 and started working at reception. She is now a qualified optical assistant and can help with frame choice and conventional dispensing, as well as assisting Andrew with management. Jo also performs the colorimetry testing and is a colorimetry patient herself! So she can answer any questions you may have.

John Hollingsworth 
Dispensing Optician

John is one of our qualified dispensing opticians. He has 34 years' experience in optics. John is new to the practice as of September 17, bringing lots of skills! He is a resident rimless expert. He provides specialist consultation for glasses dispensing. You will see John on Mondays, Wednesdays and alternate Saturdays.

Lizzy Naden
Optical Assistant

Lizzy is our newest recruit. She has a keen interest to learn and is doing very well in the optical world. You'll find her at reception, answering the phone, taking retinal imagery and fields as well as dealing with general queries.

Lia Amri
Optical Assistant

Lia works every day at the practice during our busy hours to help us stay afloat! She is incredibly friendly and helpful. She can answer your queries, book you in for appointments and do preliminary testing. She also makes a mean cuppa!

Lucie Ebrey
Optical Assistant

Lucie has been with us for about a year. She works part-time for us on reception. Lucie is always up for a chat and can keep you entertained whilst you wait. She also does preliminary testing and reception work.


We lead the way with eyecare technology

Optos Optomap

We have the latest version of this camera which takes wide field pictures of the retina quickly. It’s especially good for young children (who can’t keep still) and older patients as pupils get smaller with age. This means we usually don’t need to use dilating drops to get a really good view



Henson 9000 Field Screener

The Henson 9000 Field Screener is fast, simple to use and accurate.



Zeiss OCT 3D Eye Scan

An OCT gives a 3D view of the most delicate areas of the retina, the macula (the bit you read with) and the optic disc (main cable back to the brain). This can be really useful in deciding what’s normal and what needs treatment.



Zeiss FDT

The Humphrey FDT Perimeter uses Frequency Doubling Technology to provide a fast means of detecting early visual field loss. The FDT is the ideal for your visual field screening because it only 35 seconds per eye and is simple to use.




The Topographer is used with our most advanced contact lens decisions. The cornea (the clear tissue on which your contact lens sits) may look smooth and regular, but in fact both its shape and texture are irregular. Just as no two fingerprints are the same, neither are two eyes. The Topographer gives a map that digitally describes your cornea.




The intuitive colorimeter was developed to find the most effective colour to reduce visual stress. Dyslexics often find that print moves or won’t stay still and patterns appear. The right colour lens can remove, or reduce, this effect and make reading much more comfortable. Please phone for more advice, leaflet or to book an appointment.


Auto Refractor

Simple and quick to use, it can predict the finished spectacle prescription, check for cataracts, and measure the shape of the cornea ready for contact lens fitting. Because it's painless and has a pretty picture, even small children love trying it.

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