Colorimetry, Visual Stress

About 40% of dyslexics find coloured lens in spectacles (or overlays) makes reading more comfortable and easier. We use the Intuitive Colorimeter to find the best tint. It replicates the symptoms of visual stress which can include movement of text; letters changing size; moving patterns in the print; words which lift off the page or slope and headaches. It can then be programmed with 100’s of different colours to eliminate, or reduce, the symptoms. The whole experience takes about an hour and a half and is painless but can be tiring especially for small children. We recommend 8 years as the minimum age and it’s best done with no distractions such as other children, phones etc. in the room. While we can also provide coloured overlays these only work on flat pages whereas the spectacles work on the whiteboard and PC screen as well. Usually, coloured overlays will have been given in school and while they can be helpful at first they’re not very robust so most children stop using them. See Kara Tointon’s BBC documentary on YouTube to see how it’s done and how effective it is.

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We also have several other helpful lenses for visual discomfort made up in trial form. You can put them on to see if you find them helpful, with or without glasses. Colorimetry has also been shown to help some migraine sufferers.

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