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Visual stress is when print doesn’t stay still and becomes blurry. About 20% of the general population are sensitive to this, especially dyslexics (around 40%) and migraine sufferers.

We perform Visual Stress Testing for both Bristol Universities as well as outside the area.

We start with a comprehensive eye exam which also includes a pattern glare test. Once visual stress is confirmed an appointment is booked with one of our consultants who are all members of the Institute of Colorimetry.

The Intuitive Colorimeter Instrument replicates the symptoms of visual stress which can include movement of text, letters changing size, patterns in the print which can move, visual discomfort, words appear to lift off the page and headaches. It can then be programmed with 100’s of different colours to eliminate and control the symptoms.

The colours can be a mix of hundreds of varying hues and density to get the most accurate result which can then be made up with a pair of precision tinted glasses or overlays.

The Colorimetry assessment takes about an hour and a half and the eye exam about half an hour. It’s painless but can be tiring for a small child and it’s best done with no distractions i.e. siblings, phones etc. It can be split up if that’s more convenient.

Coloured overlays are a useful and cheaper solution but of limited use as they are coloured A4 acetate sheets to be placed over printed pages.

The Colorimetry exam also includes a rate of reading test before and after, and as this is randomised it gives a good idea of how effective the tint is. We have had some truly amazing improvement in reading speed and comfort.

See Kara Tointon’s BBC documentary on how it’s done on and what benefits she experienced. We use exactly the same system. Link below.

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We also have several almost clear tints which can aid comfort for sufferers of visual stress. They aren’t as effective as the colorimetry tints but can help. One sufferer said they’re great for small amounts of reading but she prefers the full tint for books or essays.

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