Eye Examinations

Over 80% of our brain is dedicated to decoding what we see, it’s our most important sense and in many cases the one that is ignored until damaged beyond repair. We invest in the latest technology to make your visit comfortable and quick while being as thorough as possible. You’re welcome to ask as many questions as you want during your eye examination. Many of the tests are about establishing your “normal” and then comparing the results in future tests. It’s the small changes in these results that can provide warning of preventable trouble ahead.

We provide a basic eye exam free for NHS eligible patient i.e. under 19’s in full time education and over 60’s; diabetics and glaucoma sufferers; people with parents or siblings with glaucoma and those on some benefits also get free NHS eye exams. Mostly, it’s a free exam every 2 years unless the vision has changed when you can book an earlier appointment.

Currently, Bristol has no minor eye conditions (MECS) in place to pay screening for flashes and floaters, eyelashes in eyes etc. so while we can sort these out for you we have to charge a small fee. For free help please go the Bristol Eye Hospital on Lower Maudlin Street BS1 2LX; your GP or nearest drop in centre.”


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