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Woman Suffering from blephex

Blephex Treatment

Blepharitis and dry eye are become much more common after the age of 40 but with increased computer use we are seeing much younger patients with sore red eyes and crusty lids.

Our Blephex treatment is designed to remove the excess bacteria; biofilm and bacterial toxins (which make your eyes itch and water) which make up the lash crusts quickly and painlessly. 

The treatment has been compared to a dental hygienist removing teeth plaque. Of course, there is also follow up treatment to prevent the regrowth of “eye plaque” including heated masks and eye “scrubs” which keep the eyelids and lashes clean; healthy and moisturised.

Image of girl with blephex

These treatments combined can really reduce symptoms, increase comfort and reduce dry eye. Blepharitis doesn’t go away by itself, can worsen and cause corneal ulceration.


It is one of the most common reasons eye surgery is cancelled because there are so many bacteria on the lashes that there is a risk of the eye becoming infected if surgery, or laser surgery, were to be done.

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