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A great little independent opticians with a good range of glasses, very ably staffed by a lovely group of ladies! I felt very welcomed, informed and taken care of, respecting all COVID restrictions without losing any of the charm. Highly recommended.

I have been regularly attending Juul and Payne for many years now, after they were recommended to me by my doctor when a high-street chain failed to resolve a problem. Each time the welcome and service has been excellent: the staff are patient and thorough and use the most up-to-date equipment. I'm very grateful for the early notice they gave me of incipient glaucoma, and whenever any small attention is needed between regular appointments they are always happy to sort things out immediately. They also have a very wide selection of glasses, but never try to persuade you to buy new frames or lenses, if unnecessary.

I had an eye scan upon my GP's request last summer and a regular sight test today at Juul and Payne. In both occasions, the staff have been brilliant. They are all very polite and helpful.

Extremely satisfied with the service I received from the team at Juul and Payne. The eye test was very thorough and everything was explained to me in a very clear way. There’s an excellent selection of frames to choose from and I found exactly what I wanted with help from the very attentive staff.

I have been using Juul and Payne for many years and have found them to be an excellent opticians. The staff are very knowledgeable in prescribing my contact lenses. The reception team are always very friendly and welcoming. Would not hesitate to recommend them.

The best opticians in Bristol in my opinion, they came highly recommended some four years ago after having a numerous issues with the major chains, so I decided to give Juul & Payne a go, since then I have received a brilliant service, with friendly helpful staff and I can see to type this, Result!

I have been using Juul & Payne for 4 years and I cannot speak of them more highly, very professional, helpful, and have given my sight back! I use contact lenses and Mrs Juul and the contact lens specialist was very helpful when I saw them, I had been to all the big brand Options and not got the results I needed, I am really fussy, 5 stars for Juul & Payne for all their expertise, helpfulness and one on one service, thank you.

A friend recommended you. I like the personal service and your flexibility.

I was recommended by a colleague and also took advantage of an offer. Friendly and professional. Glasses were just what I wanted for a wide choice of frames and which suited me.

I chose Juul & Payne because they have knowledge of, and expertise in, keratometry. They were really accommodating and understanding of the complexity / difficulty of my eyes and were patient throughout. I used (and hated) all of the high street opticians - none were as helpful, understanding and patient as Juul & Payne. I now live in London and happily return to see them and will continue to do so.

I have been referred to you by a very experienced eye surgeon in Bristol. Your opticians are highly experienced. I am very pleased with the advanced & proper examination of my eyes by your opticians using advanced modern technology. I am very pleased with my glasses, very good quality, gives me normal vision following my cataract surgery.

Thank you so much for your wise guidance for when I was struggling with the consequences from eye drops, since stopping using the drops my teeth and sinuses are much better.” Jan suggested the sinus and painful teeth symptoms might be due to an allergic reaction to the glaucoma eye drops, which are notorious for causing allergic reactions.

The prism controlled bifocal for double vision spectacles that you recently provided for me have changed my daily life from difficult to very manageable, and I want you to know how grateful I am for your help

Thank you so much for your professional advice and comprehensive examination of my eyes. I appreciate your time and kindness.

I worked at Juul and Payne when I lived in Bristol some time ago and can't recommend them highly enough - both as an ex-employee and client. Jan is one of the kindest people you could hope to meet and she is also extraordinarily good at what she does in my opinion. She regularly invests in the most up-to-date equipment which reassures you that you are getting the very latest advice and is careful and takes all the time needed to ensure you get the correct prescription. Before coronavirus the practice was always immaculately clean so I have no qualms at all in suggesting that it would continue to be now and I feel sure that it will be as safe an environment as you could hope for. Jan also discovered that I had Irlen Syndrome which means I require coloured lenses (which they can provide). Without my special glasses the lines move around and I'm a slow reader - with them the lines solidify and my reading speed is loads faster. This was an important thing to discover in my life and has improved things for me so much - especially at work. I have nothing to gain from this review as I haven't lived in Bristol for some time. I just think it's really important to give credit where it's due.

70 Alma Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2DJ

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