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Flashes & Floaters

Flashes & Floaters Appointment

Optomap for dealing with flashes & floaters

The Optomap is unbeatable for identifying, and helping to deal with, floaters and flashing lights. Once the problem has been isolated we can often help resolve the problem in practice during the appointment.

We normally dilate the eye and take photographs which only takes minutes and provides a useful permanent record. We then either print out or (ideally) send the image to you electronically. If you need a referral to the Eye Hospital we produce an explanatory letter (with the image of the offending area) which you can take with you to the hospital.

The examination also includes a slit lamp evaluation of the eye. Please note that we will only dilate one eye if you are driving so you can continue to drive safely afterwards. Floaters and flashes should only be experienced in one eye. If they are occurring in both eyes then it’s more serious potentially and likely to involve the brain e.g. being caused by migraine. We will include this information in your GP or Eye Hospital referral letter.

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