Styling Consultation

Styling Consultation

Your Optometrist will have helped you identify whether glasses are as the most appropriate sight correction solution for you (if any correction is necessary). They will also have discussed your lifestyle needs and whether you need glasses for reading; computer work; driving or any other purpose.

Our goal at Juul & Payne is to give you the best information we can about glasses and how to invest in eyewear that makes you look and feel good. Your choice of eyewear says a lot about you and can even make a difference to your life. Being able to see clearly and comfortably in every situation is important. Equally, looking stylish is important to many and can help boost your confidence.

Designer Frames

Choosing the best frames; lenses and sunglasses (prescription or otherwise) to suit your head shape and size; skin colouring etc. from the exceptionally wide range which we provide can be daunting. This is where our skilled and experienced dispensers (Dispensing Opticians and Optical Assistants) can help.

During our eyewear Styling Consultation we first find out about your needs and preferences; advise you on the shape and style of frames that will suit you, and then show you the possibilities you could wear from a leading edge collection of eyewear.

Our dispensers will take the necessary facial measurements and will help you choose suitable frames. They are very good at finding the perfect blend of comfort; fit and style.

Having selected a suitable frame we then help you choose the best lenses. The choice of lenses available is also very wide in terms of focal range; material and lens properties.

For example:

  • Budget Single Vision Basic plastic lenses for everyday use (for either near, intermediate or distance use).

  • Premium quality Single Vision lenses (plastic or glass) of different thicknesses and weights for near, intermediate or distance use. Good for prolonged screen work, driving, biking etc.

  • Varifocal lenses for near, intermediate and distance use

  • A range of coatings and treatments e.g. sapphire coating with anti scratch guarantee; multi anti reflective coatings which reduce glare from screens or lights; water repellent surface; smudge resistant and easy to clean; Gen 8 photochromic; UV and / or blue light protection even with clear lens; anti fog treatments etc.

Not all lenses work well with all frames but our dispensers will help you choose the ideal combination of frame and lenses for your needs.

Of course, many people choose to have more than one pair of glasses for different purposes. We are often able to offer special deals on either lenses or frames if you choose to buy more than one pair. Our dispensers will advise you on how best to take advantage of these special offers. Current offers are also shown on our blog pages.