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The VISIOFFICE X is non invasive, state of the art computerised dispensing equipment which personalises the dispensing experience. It calculates the shape and power range of Essilor’s most sophisticated lenses using 11 measurements for each eye.  It looks at not only your eye's anatomy, and your prescription, but also the way you wear your frame, your posture and also how you use your eyes when you read. This ensures maximum comfort and efficiency for your eyes. The lenses are also personalised to fit the frame you’ve chosen so they’re as thin and light as possible.

Bespoke lenses give you the clearest and sharpest vision and feel as natural as possible. This opens up your choice of frames, meaning you can choose something really stylish that suits your personality. Thanks to the way the device works, with facial recognition and 3 HD cameras, we can measure you without physical contact. We offer a range of personalisation on a large variety of varifocal and single vision lenses. Our team will guide you through the process and recommend the best visual solution for your eyes and lifestyle.

visioffice eyewear styling
eyewear styling at Juul and Payne Opticians

Essilor WAM 800

The WAM 800 is a cutting-edge instrument which carries out an examination of the front of your eye, measuring your prescription, calculating any eye strain and exploring how your vision is affected in different light conditions, for example, when driving at night. This state-of-the-art machine also measures potential risks of developing common eye diseases, such as cataracts and glaucoma, in a painless and non-invasive way. The WAM 800 also measures the shape of the cornea so that we can create custom made contact lenses for unusual prescriptions, myopia control (Ortho-K) and keratoconus.

Eye Test Being Done Using Wam800

Optos Daytona Plus (Optomap)

The advanced eye scan produced by the Optos Daytona plus provides a detailed, panoramic image of your retina, enabling us to detect any early signs of disease or damage, while remaining at least one metre away from you.

We have the latest version of this camera which takes wide field pictures of the retina quickly. It’s especially good for young children (who can’t keep still) and older patients as pupils get smaller with age. This means we usually don’t need to use dilating drops to get a really good view.

Optos Daytona Plus
Optomap machine - Optos Daytona Plus

Zeiss Cirrus OCT

The OCT (or Ocular Coherence Tomography) is invaluable for monitoring Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and unexplained vision changes. It is also very useful for monitoring people with a family history of glaucoma as early nerve damage is easier to spot. It doesn’t hurt and uses harmless light to form a 3D image of the most delicate bits of the eye.

Zeiss Cirrus OCT Machine
Zeiss Cirrus OCT Scan
Henson 9000 Field Screener

The Henson 9000 Field Screener is fast, simple to use and accurate. The Henson 9000 is the perfect tool for glaucoma screening and management, enabling us to detect and monitor glaucoma progression.

Henson 9000 Field Screener
Henson 9000 Eye Test Machine
Nidek and Topcon Refractors / Phoropters

These pieces of equipment eliminate the need for trial frames and lenses, measuring your exact prescription while maintaining a distance of 1.6 metres between you and your optometrist.

Topcon Electric Phoroptor
Nidek RT-6100

The Topographer is used with our most advanced contact lens decisions. The cornea (the clear tissue on which your contact lens sits) may look smooth and regular, but in fact both its shape and texture are irregular. Just as no two fingerprints are the same, neither are two eyes. The Topographer gives a map that digitally describes your cornea.


The intuitive colorimeter was developed to find the most effective colour to reduce visual stress. Up to 40% of dyslexics find that print moves, or won’t stay still, and patterns appear. The right colour lens can remove, or reduce, this effect and make reading much more comfortable. Please phone for more advice, leaflet or to book an appointment.

Huvitz Glazing Equipment

Our state of the art in house glazing facility uses top quality Huvitz glazing equipment.

Huvits Glazing Equipment
Latest Glazing Technology - Huvtis

70 Alma Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2DJ

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