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Children's Eyecare

School Vision Assessment

SchoolVision examines the way eyes work together and is particularly useful with reading difficulties, headaches and dyslexia.

The tests assess the eyes coordination and dominance. When we read, one eye should be dominant (aim at the words) and the other should follow – much like ballroom dancers. If both eyes try to lead, or the aiming dominant eye isn’t very good at leading, then the words can shift which makes it hard for the brain to decode what it is seeing.

Girl wearing glasses

The confused messages which the brain receives can cause difficulties with reading and spelling and can also cause headaches and tiredness.

If this takes place while a child is learning to read it can really hold them back, reduce their self confidence and affect their behaviour.

Why does it affect some children and not others? Each eye is aligned by 6 muscles, working together, suspended in its bony cradle in the skull. In a child, the muscles and cradle are growing continuously, the eyes are getting further apart as the skull enlarges, and we weren’t designed to read – it’s a learned skill. Getting all of that coordinated correctly has to be learned and practiced even if all the different parts work together properly, and if they don’t all work together, you can get problems such as dyslexia and dyspraxia.

In addition to a full eye exam the Schoolvision session includes extra assessments of:

The dominant eye

Muscle balance

Tracking – following a moving object

Colour preference, light sensitivity

Reading speed

Focus – making sure both eyes are focused clearly for reading.

What can Schoolvision help?

After the Scoolvision assessment, spectacles and sometimes contact lenses are prescribed if needed and, occasionally, eye exercises.

The benefits for you, or your child, are:


  • Decreased tiredness and anxiety

  • Reduction of headaches and migraines

  • Increased reading speed

  • Clearer handwriting

  • Better school performance

  • Increase in concentration.

School Children with vision glasses
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