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Eye Exam using WAM800

Eye Examination

We have invested in the latest technology to make your visit as quick and safe as possible while being really thorough.

All our equipment and rooms are sanitised between each patient to keep you and us as safe as possible. Almost all our equipment allows the Optometrist to stay at least 1m from you. The exception is our slit lamp but we have fitted a breath shield and a HEPA air purifier with added UVC.

You’re welcome to ask as many questions as you want during your eye examination. Many of the tests are about establishing your “normal” and then comparing the results in future tests. It’s the small changes in these results that can provide warning of preventable trouble ahead.

Man having an eye examination

We provide a comprehensive eye examination to all of our patients as part of our standard eye test. This comprehensive eye care examination involves a total examination of the front of your eye (using the WAM 800) and retinal imaging of the back of the eye (using the Optos and/or OCT). After this, your Optometrist will review the results; carry out any necessary extra testing and advise you on the most appropriate sight correction solution (if any is necessary).

The WAM examination of the front of your eye:

  • Measures your prescription

  • Calculates how much eye strain/stress reading a book or screen is causing you

  • Shows how your vision is affected in low light e.g. driving at night

  • Photographs your cataracts (if you have any) so you can see how they are changing

  • Measures the shape of the cornea for custom contact lens fitting and orthokeratology (like laser surgery it corrects the corneal shape and helps stop children becoming more shortsighted)

  • Measures some of your risks of glaucoma

All of this in 90 seconds (for both eyes) without dilating drops or us needing to touch you. It is both painless and comfortable. It is also easy to clean, and we can operate it from a 1m+ distance in line social distancing guidelines or even remotely from another room’ up alongside the WAM picture.

The examination of the back of your eye involves retinal imaging using the Optos or OCT.

The Optos Daytona Optomap is the best screening camera in the world. It gives a 200 degree view of the retina (back of the eye) without dilation and takes only seconds. It’s painless, comfortable and easily cleaned. It shows a much larger area of the retina compared to a standard Fundus camera.

Optos eye examination machine
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