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A Unique Valentine’s Day Gift for Him and Her

Looking for a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one? While roses are nice and chocolate is sweet, nothing says ‘eye care about you’ better than stunning and unique eyewear to frame your beloved’s face. How do you go about finding the perfect pair, though? We’ve got you covered, read on to learn more…

Our expert team at Juul & Payne Advanced Eyecare has put together a compilation of our favourite eyewear brands for him and her this February. With bold designs and extraordinary craftsmanship, these luxurious optical frames and sunglasses are without a doubt as fresh and timeless as your very own love story. 

Frames for Him: Created With Confidence and Precision

Handcrafted with the level of expertise you’d find in their Swiss watches, Hublot glasses are beautifully made in flattering colours and high-quality materials. What makes these frames unique is their ability to retain their shape, so they remain perfectly fitted year after year. This is complemented by their long-lasting finish, with gold that doesn’t wear off, colours that don’t fade, and nose pads that are specially designed to provide maximum comfort.

Frames for Her: Designed To Make a Statement

Cazal glasses are bold, authentic, and truly one of a kind! With striking designs, including geometric frames and double brow bars, Cazal frames truly celebrate individuality. Expertly crafted using high-quality materials such as pure titanium and gold, and infused with a variety of colours, Cazal glasses are built to look good and last for years to come.

Unisex Frames – Inspired By Innovation and Individuality

Silhouette’s customisable eyewear offers a masterful mix of sophistication and style. Their famed designer rimless glasses are renowned as the world’s lightest and most invisible pair of glasses. These frames are not just known for their lightness, but also their strength, and are even the choice of frame for NASA astronauts. We definitely recommend these for individuals who don’t want to be aware of their spectacles.

If you are looking for glasses with personality you may be interested in the latest frames from Blackfin. We have just had delivery of the new Blackfin range for both women and men. Sophisticated and durable, Blackfin titanium glasses are designed for today with tomorrow’s technology, using the highest quality materials for a perfect finish with every single frame. They’re really light and comfortable to wear and don’t easily lose their shape.

We’d love to help you find the perfect, unique Valentine’s gift for that special someone in your life. To arrange a time to view any of our collections at our opticians in Clifton, please get in touch. Our Silhouette frames are also available for you to browse and buy online from the comfort of your own home.  


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