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A Very Happy 2024 To You All!

We loved seeing you at our open day on Saturday the 9th of December!

A huge thank you to all who joined us at our open day in December. Also, special thanks to our frame supplier for this occasion - ECO - who provided a fantastic display of their wonderful frames for our patients to try or purchase! 

ECO (‘Earth Conscious Optics') is dedicated to social responsibility and sustainability not only in the manufacturing of its eyeglasses, but in supporting Eco-friendly initiatives around the world. Together with "Trees for the Future" and “One Frame One Tree,” ECO is helping to plant trees and transform the lives of farmers in third-world countries. ECO also sponsors an eyeglass recycling program.

Dual-use packaging allows wearers to donate unused eyeglasses by sending those frames to collection centres in the packaging that came with their new eyewear. These recycled eyeglasses help needy adults and children who don’t have access to proper eye care. 

Our December event was a great success and we plan to have another Open Day later this year. We will announce the planned date in a future newsletter so you can get it in your diary!


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