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Are you eligible for Ortho K lenses?

August 2019

Are you eligible for Ortho K lenses?

Ever heard of Ortho K? This is a simple treatment that is suitable for both adults and children who are shortsighted, that provides clear vision all day long, without the hassle of wearing glasses or contacts in the daytime.

The specifics

Orthokeratology, also known as overnight vision correction, is generally effective for those with prescriptions in the range of -0.75 to -6.00 or -7.00, in some cases of astigmatism and now can also work for long sighted individuals with prescriptions of up to +3.00!

How does it work?

Ortho K lenses are worn overnight and gently work to reshape the surface of your eyes, to produce crisp, clear vision in the morning. For continued clarity of vision, we do recommend that the lenses are worn every night.

The advantages

If you’re looking forward to getting back onto the pitch, field or court this summer, Ortho K means you needn’t worry about your glasses getting bashed or broken mid-game. If you’ve tried contact lenses before but ended up with persistently dry eyes, Ortho K means you can avoid wearing contacts in the daytime altogether. Best of all, Ortho K presents a more affordable alternative to laser eye surgery in Bristol for those who are hesitant or have been told their prescription may not be suitable for it. It’s just as effective, non-invasive, risk-free and completely reversible!

As for children, bumps and scrapes on the playground always present the opportunity for glasses to get broken. With Ortho K your child can enjoy clear vision without you worrying about forking out for new glasses every few months. For image-conscious teens, Ortho K gives them the freedom to see clearly without worrying about changing their look with glasses.

What’s more, orthokeratology has been shown to slow the progress of shortsightedness in children, so your child’s vision will remain clearer and healthier for longer. This has long-term benefits as it helps to reduce their chances of developing eye conditions like glaucoma and cataracts in adulthood.

If that all wasn’t enough, we consider these special lenses to be incredibly safe as they are only worn at night, so you can be right there to supervise them without the worry of injury or damage as can happen with regular glasses or contact lenses that are worn during the day.

Interested in Ortho K?

To find out if Ortho K is right for you, get in touch with our team at Juul & Payne Advanced Eyecare, your opticians in Bristol, find out more or book your Ortho K consultation. We’ll discuss your options based on your prescription and if you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll then accurately map your eyes using a topographer, so you can get custom-made lenses and begin your journey to clearer vision.


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