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Blue-Light Protection & Anti-Fog Glasses for Kids

Lockdown has increased the amount of time young people have spent on their mobile devices and computers dramatically. That means more digital eye fatigue, and more potential damage from harmful blue light (blue light protection is very prevalent in the USA). American parents are eager to both protect children’s eyes, as well as help accelerate their academic performance.

Blue light from screens is emitted in low doses but is constant, and as a result is thought to interfere with sleep patterns. Most US doctors recommend either stopping screen use 2 hours before bedtime or wearing blue light protection glasses. Anecdotally, we have a number of patients here who find their eyes are more comfortable and less tired and itchy with a blue light filter.

If your child is struggling with digital eye strain or you’re concerned about their exposure to blue light from digital devices, it would definitely be worth contacting us so we can advise you on the best options for your child.

Anti-Fog Glasses

Along with protecting vision, with children, also required to wear masks, especially if they return to in-person classroom settings, fogged-up glasses will be a problem. New anti-fog glasses on the market from trusted lens suppliers like Essilor with their Optifog lenses, and Shamir’s new Glacier Anti-Fog glasses lens are already becoming highly valued by both young people and adults. Jan has used both, and they are equally effective.

Shamir has occupational (computer glasses) and transitions (light intelligent) glasses lenses available, as well as single vision and varifocal options. They are absolutely wonderful if you have to wear a mask at school, work, or even just to go shopping.

Are Contact Lenses for Children an Option?

We also have contact lenses which, obviously, don’t fog up and work really well for young people from age 7-8 upwards (and yes, contrary to popular belief, kids are really good at handling and cleaning – research actually shows they’re better than most adults!).

Along with this, we offer the option of myopia control hard lenses – Ortho K, and MiSight soft contact lenses for children, both shown to reduce the progression of shortsightedness by about 50%. This means your child’s prescription would be stable at -3.00 for example, instead of increasing to -6.00.

Give your child the best start to the new school year and contact our friendly team to ask for more details about these revolutionary contact lenses, anti-fog glasses and options for digital eye strain and blue light protection today.


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