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Designer Eyewear at a glance...

This month we feature one of our most popular and striking designer eyewear brands - Kirk & Kirk who offer distinctive and lightweight eyewear for you to express yourself!

Kirk & Kirk frames are crafted from bespoke Italian-made acrylic and handmade in France. These personalised colour selections and combinations are one of the reasons that Kirk & Kirk eyewear is so distinctive. Acrylic is a material that allows for its unique colour palette. These colours are specific to Kirk & Kirk frames and cannot be duplicated.

Kirk & Kirk frames are favourites of many celebrities. Prue Leith wore Kirk & Kirk frames in every episode of the Great British Bake Off last season. Incidentally, Prue has launched her own range of frames recently which we now stock.

We stock a full range of vibrant Kirk & Kirk frames so drop by and try on a few for a fresh look to start the new year. 


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