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Driving and Glaucoma

Can you read these petrol pump signs?Glaucoma UK has released a campaign to highlight the importance of regular eye tests to ensure road safety. The American academy of ophthalmologists has also highlighted this problem saying that, post pandemic, a huge number of people have stopped having regular eye exams. This means some of them are arriving in hospital with such severe vision loss they are unable to continue driving.The Glaucoma UK campaign was been released to coincide with Road Safety Week, which ran from 19–25 November 2023.The charity is highlighting that, as glaucoma can be symptomless, “the key to safeguarding people’s vision and the safety of others is through routine eye tests.” The Americans are also concerned about glaucoma. People really aren’t aware that their vision is being quietly, painlessly, permanently damaged.The campaign sees Glaucoma UK place adverts on petrol nozzles because driving is important for individual independence. However, there is a legal limit which must be reached to be allowed to drive. Glaucoma sight loss usually starts affecting the peripheral vision so you won’t notice that it is slowly stealing your sight.This is why the Road Safety Week campaign encourages people to get their eyes tested, to ensure they keep their vision road-ready. Early diagnosis is “key” to protecting sight from glaucoma.Glaucoma UK has also updated their free ‘Driving and glaucoma’ booklet covering all four nations of the UK, and with improved accessibility. The booklet also contains frequently asked questions for people with glaucoma, and explains when and how to contact the DVLA or DVA.  

At Juul & Payne we have every thing needed for a thorough eye exam but we need baseline tests for comparison. Glaucoma betrays its presence by a change in your normal readings. There’s such variation in normal we need to know what’s normal for you.

If you would like to book an eye examination online you can do so be clicking here. Alternatively, you can call to book an appointment on 0117 9735929 or email


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