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End Eye Fatigue

People of all ages can suffer from tired sore eyes, headaches and blurry vision. Students are particulalry vulnerable at this time of year in the build up to year end exams.  We have a number of proven helpful lenses and treatments available.

Obviously an eye exam is a good starting point for sorting out eye problems. Even small prescription changes can cause eye discomfort and headaches. Scratched lenses and badly fitting frames can also cause headaches. Jay and Jan frequently see patients with dry eye stain - even in young eyes from screen over use. Also, this time of year brings hayfever. Often the eye symptoms are only obvious under magnification using our sophisticated eye examination technology.

Special lenses such as Zeiss Smartlife lenses which have an invisible boost built into the lens can help as they help relax the eyes by making focusing easier. This lens is very popular with youngsters who use their phones a lot as phones tend to be held closer to the eyes because the print is so small.

With a large distance zone, and a specially optimised near zone, ZEISS Digital SmartLife lenses give your eyes the boost they need to focus from far to up close with less effort. Have a look at this fun demonstration video by clicking here.

We currently have special offers on Zeiss lenses.

A simple and obvious remedy to eye fatigue is to take regular breaks but don't simply adopt the 20/20/20 idea - look 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes - which has been proven to be useless. You should take a proper 5 minute break regularly. You should get up, move, stretch and walk. Look out the window if you can, but just the change of focus,  and getting the blood and body moving, will help. You should think 'DOG', no-one would put a large dog on a tiny square of fabric like a chair and expect it to sit still for hours. While we can see it would be really bad for the dog, we can forget that  our own bodies have similar movement needs. Incidentally, studies show that longer breaks actually improve work rate rather than being a waste of time.

Dry eye is common from hours staring at a screen which keeps the eyes from moving physically in the eye sockets. Moisturising drops and sprays can help.

If you have problems with eye fatigue please feel free to come and talk to us about how we can help. If you have any concerns about your eyes, or we haven't see you for a while, you can request or book an eye examination online here. Alternatively you can call to book an appointment on 0117 9735929 or eMail

If you want an appointment at short notice please let us know and we will fit try and fit you in a.s.a.p. should we have a cancellation.


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