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Focus on Feb31st

Feb31st is the latest eco friendly designer frame range available at Juul & Payne.

Feb31st are bespoke handmade wooden frames that are produced in the old city of Bergamo, Italy. Each frame is completely customisable, with the ability to alter frame size, bridge fit and various points of adjustment. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of colours and patterned designs when colouring the frame. Feb31st wearers can choose the colour on the inside and outside of both the front of the frame, and both temples, as well as choosing up to 13 layers of colour running through the middle of each. For frames with a big enough lug, you can also opt to add on a magnetic clip. Each frame also comes with a spring hinge. You can pick frames with powder coated surgical stainless-steel temples, and frames with more of a metal structure. Again, with these you can choose from a wide range of colours for the metals. Finally, we can engrave each frame to add a personalised message or a logo to the inside or outside of both temples.

Feb31st is also one of the most eco friendly collections on the market. Most frames are made from responsibly sourced balsa wood which is a fast growing, low impact tree commonly used in the furniture industry. We also have the ‘storm vaia’ wood, which has a unique story. In 2018 a huge storm hit Italy causing considerable damage to Italian forests. The storm tore down more trees than the Italian timber industry would use normally in an entire year. As a result, the Italian government looked to manufacturers in Italy to see if they could use the wood to save it from being wasted. Feb13st were able to develop 16 unique colour variations from the damaged wood and launched the Storm Vaia collection.

The company has a huge focus on sustainability and has put various procedures in place to reduce its impact on the environment. Any wasted wood that is not able to be used in the manufacturing processes is used to heat the factory. Even the dust from polishing is sucked up and filtered into the furnace. So, if you want to look great AND look after the environment take a look at Feb 31st.


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