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For the love of colour: Prue by Ronit Furst

December 2019

Are vibrant and colourful words you live by? If you’ve watched Bake-off and admired chef and entrepreneur Prue Leith’s glasses and sense of style, you’ll be in love with our new collection, Prue by Ronit Furst! Ronit Furst frames are known for being individual and hand-painted but in their collaboration with Prue Leith, they are bringing a more accessible collection to everyday spectacles wearers.

Match your glasses to your wardrobe

Who says you should have just one pair of glasses? If you’ve shied away from colourful frames for fear of them clashing with an outfit, the solution is obvious – own more than one pair! When you put on an outfit to go out, you select matching accessories. Well, consider your glasses as an addition to these! With 72 eye-catching Ronit Furst frames to choose from, the Prue collection allows you to express yourself all over and choose just the right pair, whether for a special occasion or ‘just because’.

A brand that embraces individuality

Ronit Furst was born when Ronit, who found that no glasses in shops suited her style requirements, decided to paint on a plain pair she already owned. Little did she realise how many people would admire her glasses, stopping her to ask where she got them.

Ronit’s husband, Ehud Bibring, realised the potential for a business, and after much research, Art Optic Ltd opened in 2002. A true family business, Ronit and Ehud’s son joined in 2012 and now manages the main factory in Israel.

Prior to the Prue collection, every pair of Ronit Furst glasses has been hand-painted. This made them individual and exclusive, but not readily available for many glasses wearers. With this new collaboration though, Ronit’s vibrant designs have been combined with creative processes that allow them to be produced at a level which means you can walk into our opticians in Bristol and buy your own pair without breaking the bank.

You can be bold, but you don’t have to

Although the collection has a large selection of bold, bright colours and designs, there are more subtle options within the range, too. You might choose a pair that’s black or tortoiseshell at the front, with all the colour and flair on the arms. Or, you may want to go all out and select a multicoloured pair that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Both can be found at our opticians in Bristol, why not call in soon to see our range and get yourself prepped for all the Christmas parties ahead!


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