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Improve Your Game on the Green with Golf Sunglasses

The right pair of sunglasses can make all the difference to your golf game. While every golfer loves a sunny day on the course, the glare when the sun’s beating down can make it hard to see along the green. What you need is a really good pair of polarised sunglasses – and Maui Jims are known for being the best in the world.

Award-Winning Technology

Maui Jim has been designing sunglasses inspired by the tropical sun of Hawaii since 1980. That’s a lot of experience in creating the best technology for the job!

Using patented polarised lens technology that protects your eyes while giving you clearer vision, the PolarizedPlus2® lenses eliminate glare by 99.9%, providing crystal-clear clarity. As well as cutting out glare from the front, Maui Jim lenses also have an anti-reflective coating on the inside, blocking glare from reflected light.

Are Maui Jims The Best Golf Sunglasses?

Maui Jim sport sunglasses cut out glare, but they definitely don’t cut out colour. Maui Jims are designed to make the most of their island-home’s vibrant beauty, so they make colours come to life.

The lenses are designed to enhance red, green and blue light waves, increasing balance and contrast. The incredible high contrast will really make the tee stand out, helping you to up your game.

Good depth perception is an absolute must for golf, and Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2® lenses will give you enhanced depth perception for improved performance and accuracy.

Best Styles for Golfing

While any pair of Maui Jim sport sunglasses will give you an advantage on the course, a few models are particularly good for golfers.

Hookipa is the ideal style for a day’s golfing – lightweight, comfortable and durable. With rubber nose pads and temples, you won’t have to worry about them slipping. The polycarbonate lenses are shatter and scratch-resistant, sturdy and designed to withstand an active life. Rimless lenses will give you an unobstructed view of the green. 

Other styles suited to a day on the green include the Kanaha, Banyans, and Hema.

UV Protection

If you’re spending hours outside, it’s important to make sure your eyes are protected from harmful UV rays. Maui Jim lenses block 100% of UV rays and have the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation.

The skin around your eyes is delicate and UV rays can reflect and come from all directions, so the size and shape of the frames are important too. A style that wraps around or is larger with good coverage is an advantage when spending the day outside.

Browse In Practice or Online

We have a wide range of Maui Jim sport styles available in practice and on our website, which can be made up with or without a prescription.

With so many options to choose from, why not get the advice of our expert dispensing opticians in Clifton? They’re trained to help you decide which pair will suit your looks and lifestyle the best and will explain the advantages of the sports styles. If you prefer to browse from home, you can buy directly from our webshop or contact us to book a virtual consultation through the website during opening hours.


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