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Meet our People - Jay Joshi

Over the next few months we will be introducing you to members of the Juul & Payne team.

If you come in for an eye examination you will be seen by one of our Optometrists - either Jan Juul or Jay Joshi.

Optometrist at Juul & Payne Opticians

Jay is one of the co-owners of Juul & Payne and joined the Juul & Payne team in November 2020.

Jay has a Bachelor of Science degree in Optometry from Aston University. He likes to focus on the latest developments within the Optometric field by attending optical seminars and conferences regularly. He is an experienced Optometrist who has worked in both hospitals and optical practices in the Bristol and Bath region for some time.

Jay is really thorough and his hospital training allows him to get the best out of our eye examination equipment and help our patients navigate the NHS if a GP referral is needed. This is important as GPs rely on us to make it really clear which department and services are required and to avoid unnecessary referrals.

Jay is a Bristol local and still helps out his father occasionally who runs a successful local business. In his spare time, he runs, works out in the gym and plays football. He is interested in sports vision including specialist contact lens fitting to enhance performance.

Find out more about our team here or follow this link to contact us.


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