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New Spectacle Recycling Scheme

Have you got any old glasses or sunglasses hanging around? Don't throw them away to end up in a landfill, when they can be recycled using our Zero Waste, Plastic Recycling scheme in partnership with MYGroup. MYGroup are a recycling and waste disposal company based in Hull, that separates the components of your old glasses and then turns them into useful materials. The recycling bins are made from 100% recycled plastic collected from beach cleans, manufacturing waste and take-back schemes.

The MYGroup scheme collects old spectacles that are manually and mechanically sorted to separate plastics and metals. This plastic material is then mechanically shredded and turned into recycled plastic boards. These boards are then used as replacements for plywood by the construction industry, shopfitters, joiners and more. And, we plant a tree for every single box we fill! However, if you are too fond of certain glasses, we can reglaze your up-to-date prescription into them, assuming the frames are in decent condition. Zero landfill is key to a carbon-reduced future – not just by saving landfill space and emissions – but by reducing the dependency on fossil fuels.


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