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Personalised Lenses Special Offer

It is now possible to personalise your spectacle lenses thanks to our new Visi Office X computerised dispensing equipment.

The Visioffice X digital measuring device personalises your spectacle lens in a way you've probably never experienced before. Using 11 unique measurements, we are able to design your spectacle lens around the anatomy of your eye, the specific frame design you've chosen, your eye dominance and, last but not least, your posture and behaviour when you read.

With all of these parameters recorded in the dispensing process, we are able to design a completely unique lens that will offer the best possible visual experience, leaving you with a lens that can only be dispensed using our digital measuring device. All eyes are unique, so your lenses should be too . Bespoke lenses give you the clearest, sharpest vision possible and they needn't break the bank - particularly this month as we are offering 10% off Essilor's top of the range bespoke single vision lenses and X4D varifocal lenses. Our dispensing team will guide you through the process of personalising your lenses during your eyewear styling consultion. For more information on what is involved, and to book a consultation, please click here.


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