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Prescription Sun Glasses?

If you are starting to plan your holidays please don't forget your sunglasses! Carefully chosen high quality sunglasses should look good, protect your eyes and enhance your enjoyment of your holiday and leisure activities.

If you are a spectacle wearer, a pair of sunglasses with specialist prescription lenses may be the ideal solution. You can choose the exact style, shape and colour you want and have them made up with specialist sun lenses in your prescription. The new fast photochromic transition lenses which darken in sunlight but return to being clear when indoors are really popular for a do-it-all pair. Transition lenses also protect your eyes from UV rays and filter out blue-violet light and are effective for most holiday travel. Some holidays require very specialist lenses for e.g. high altitude protection. Make an appointment with our experienced dispensing opticians for advice.

Some transitions don't change colour inside modern cars due to UV blocking glass but some lenses do change, again ask the experts.

If you are a contact lens wearer, we have a wide range of sunglasses available including those from Bolle designed for specific activities such as sailing (they float!) and Mauii Jim with built in reading addition for the over 40's.

Maui Jim sunglass lens technology is brilliant at shielding your eyes from glare and harmful UV. It also enhances true to life vivid colours. In our opinion, Maui Jim sunglasses are some of the very best sunspecs available. They are also available in most prescriptions and are usually polarised which is best for water sports or just sunbathing on the beach.

With so many choices available you are may want to consulting a member of our practice team about what would be best for you. You can click the link here to book a styling consultation and we can advise you on the options available. You can also call us on 0117 9735929 or eMail


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