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Someone needs a sight test!

A well meaning animal lover took a baby hedgehog to an animal rescue centre but they found she’d been actually caring for a bobble from a hat! The rescuer had posted a photo of the decorative ball, showing it nestled beside a bowl of food on social media.

It was brought to the Lower Moss Nature Reserve and Wildlife Hospital by a well-meaning rescuer recently. On arrival they discovered the hoglet was in fact a "faux furry friend", a volunteer for the animal charity said.

Finally, a real hedgehog imitating a football. The poor thing got a rare episode of hedgehog balloon syndrome and swelled with gas. She was rescued and brought to Hedgehog rescue, a voluntary group, who deflated her and administered antibiotics and painkillers. She’s now doing well and will be released soon. At this time of year the hedgehogs get into more pickles or should that be "prickles" as they hunt for mates and more are brought in for help. Voluntary societies caring for wild animals appreciate help and donations all year round.


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