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Transition Gen S lenses the fastest changing lenses ever!

At this time of year the sun is much stronger, even when it's overcast, and you need UV protection for your skin and eyes.

Transition lenses change from sunglasses dark (in sunlight / worn outdoors) to clear when worn indoors - as is shown in the pictures of Robert Downey Junior at his film premier. His prescription glasses are perfect for both inside and outside the theatre.Transition lenses also protect your eyes from UV rays and filter out blue-violet light which is also linked to AMD. Over the last three years Jan has tried transitions lenses in Florida; Turkey; Japan and Korea and they gave great protection from glare and sunburn.Jan remembers the first generation of photochromic lenses which were introduced in the 1990s and which slowly went dark and took ages to change back to being clear.  New transitions are so much better that Jan doesn't now bother with solid tint sunglass. This saves her carrying a second pair and changing them everytime you she goes from outdoors to indoors. Hassle free holiday comfort.

A new, even faster changing, transition lens is now available for this summer - the Transitions Gen S lense from Essilor.

Fadeback to clear in less than two minutes - (up to twice as fast as other lenses)

·        Only 25 seconds to change to sunglasses dark

·        Available in 8 vibrant colors (widest range of colours on the market) including the new Ruby colour.

Picking the right lenses for you and your lifestyle requires expert advice:

·        Some holidays require very specialist lenses for e.g. high altitude protection

·        Some transitions lenses are designed to change colour inside cars as the  UV blocking windscreen glass can stop regular transitions lenses working

·        Some colour lenses are not safe for driving as perception of road signs and traffic lights are affected.

If you would like to know more about transitions lenses, and see samples, please make an appointment with one of our experienced dispensing opticians for advice on your perfect pair and to avoid expensive mistakes. You can click the link here to book a styling consultation. You can also call us on 0117 9735929 or email

Also, don't forget that you are always very welcome to drop in and have your glasses serviced before you go on holiday.


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