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Why Choose Polarised Sunglasses?

With summer fast approaching, our team is looking forward to sunnier days!

Many people apply sun protection to their skin but forget to safeguard their eyes. Although most sunglasses provide 100% UV protection, not all eliminate glare, resulting in squinting and impaired vision for the wearer. Thankfully, anti-glare sunglasses, aka polarised sunglasses, can remedy this issue.

What Is Glare?

When the sun’s rays bounce off surfaces in scattered directions it is known as unpolarised light. Polarisation happens when light waves hit reflective surfaces, and are concentrated in a single direction, bouncing horizontal waves into your eyes. The result is a distracting glare that can cause discomfort and momentarily impede your vision.

How Can Polarised Sunglasses Help?

There are many benefits to wearing sunglasses, but only polarised lenses can eliminate glare. Millions of rows of iodine crystals or dichroic dyes filter light, blocking the waves that create glare so only vertical waves can enter the eye.

Polarised sunglasses can stop up to half the light that would enter your eyes. They protect your eyes from eye strain caused by intense, bright light, giving you comfortable vision while also protecting you from the harmful effects of UV rays.

We stock the incredible Hawaiian brand Maui Jim at our opticians in Clifton. They are considered to be some of the best polarised sunglasses in the UK and globally. Their patented PolarisedPlus2Ⓡ lenses are designed with superior technology that protects your eyes against 99.9% of glare, as well as providing 100% UV protection.

These stylish shades also offer high contrast as part of their polarised design, bringing out the vivid colours that you normally miss with normal sunglasses. In short, you’ll never have to compromise your view of the world when it’s sunny.

You can visit our web store to browse and purchase a selection of our Maui Jim sunglasses, or view the whole collection in practice.

The Benefits for Your Lifestyle

We recommend wearing polarised sunglasses with 100% UV protection whether you’re relaxing or playing sports, particularly near reflective surfaces. They shield your eyes at times when you experience more glare for example, when you’re strolling alongside a body of water, driving along tarmac, or playing a round of golf on the green. This is important even on bright but overcast UK summer days, to minimise the risk of skin cancer caused by UV exposure.

Maui Jim’s in particular are great for active lifestyles. Aside from their unparalleled lens technology, the CLEARSHELLⓇ scratch-resistance treatment on both sides of the lens is durable and long-lasting. The nautical enthusiasts among you will appreciate this special coating, as it encourages water to bead off, freeing the wearer to sail, fish or swim without having to constantly stop to wipe their lenses.

Polarised sunglasses are great for those who simply enjoy spending time outdoors or drive often too. By eliminating glare when in bright sunlight, they help to reduce headaches, eye fatigue and squinting so you can see and enjoy summer and every other season in all their glory. All polarised sunglasses can be made with or without prescription lenses depending on your visual needs and lifestyle.

Our expert dispensing opticians are always on hand for styling consultations to help you find the perfect polarised sunglasses at our opticians in Clifton, or through our virtual consultation facility during opening hours on our website. Whether you’re looking to buy Maui Jim’s or simply add polarised lenses to your chosen frames, we have plenty of different tint options to suit your needs, so you can enjoy the benefits of polarised sunglasses in style.

Book a time to come and see us or buy polarised sunglasses directly from our website now.


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