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Best Varifocal lenses ever?

Varifocal lenses allow you to see clearly at any distance so you only need one pair of glasses whether you're driving, using a computer, shopping or reading.

Essilor invented the first varifocal lenses in 1958. They have just introduced their new Varilux XR series which is their best varifocal lens yet and is designed to maintain sharpness at all distances while you are in motion.

The XR varifocal gives not only a wider field of view with less distortion but also a better depth of field across the entire lens, especially for close and intermediate vision. This is the only lens available which has been developed using AI and a 'digital twin' model.

We can also personalise this lens using all of the data on dominant eye; reading distance and reading behaviour produced by our new Visi Office X dispensing technology. This will give you the best possible vision.

Most of our patients have more than one pair of glasses with lenses in their latest prescription. It is always good to have a spare pair of specs in case of accidents.

Until the end of August 2023 we are offering you a half price pair of premium Essilor lenses when you buy selected Essilor varifocal or single vision lenses for your new glasses - including the new XR Varilux lenses.

Our dispensing team will guide you through the process of personalising your lenses during your eyeware styling consultion. To book a consultation, please click here


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