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Dangerous new "Sun Gazing" craze from the USA

Keke Palmer, one of the stars in the new Jordan Peele movie ‘Nope’, has damaged her eyesight ‘Sun gazing’ - a woowoo USA yoga practice that involves staring into a low sun.

This practice is very dangerous (even at sunrise or sunset) and can easily cause permanent full or partial blindness.

Keke Palmer

Sun gazing is said to clear your mind, connect with the energy of the sun and promote healing. However, there’s no safe way to do ‘sun gazing’ and zero evidence that there are any benefits.

You will get a grey retinal afterimage after briefly looking at the sunset or sunrise even through a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, which are about the most powerful protective lenses on the planet. That should give you a good idea of the sheer power coming from our sun; it’s not to be trifled with!

Stay safe and look after your eyes. The World Health Organisation says wearing sunglasses could prevent 50% of cataracts and a good quality, well fitted pair will also reduce the risks of wrinkles and cancers as all of these are exacerbated by UV.

We have a large selection of Maui Jim sunglasses available because we consider they offer the best protection available. They can also be made to your prescription.


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