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Focus on Eco - Carbon Negative Eyewear

You can look great AND help the planet with Eco carbon negative eyewear.

Eco has been around since 2009 making Eco the first sustainable eyewear brand in the world. Eco's goal is to offer eyewear which respects the environment without compromising on design, quality, or comfort. Eco only make eyewear from sustainable materials with designs that last year after year.

Eco eyewear

Eco's mission of planting trees has led them to become one of the very first carbon negative eyewear brands in the world. The trees they have planted clean out more CO₂ than their eyewear production creates. ECO is committed to sustainability using earth-friendly materials and planting one tree for each frame that is bought. So far they have planted more than three million trees.

Eco frames are made from biobased and biodegradable materials; recycled metal and from recycled ocean plastic.

Eco eyewear infographic

Sustainability isn't just for frames. Eco cases and packaging minimise their carbon footprint too. The fabric of each case and cleaning cloth is made from recycled PET and all outer packaging and inserts are made from recycled paper.


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