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Focus on Silhouette

Eyewear is an important part of how you look so if you want to update your appearance you should consider one of our most popular designer eyewear ranges from Silhouette.

From rimless to full-rim to half-rim, all Silhouette eyewear offers unparalleled lightness and limitless options in terms of shape, colour and design, as well as being made with top-quality materials.

All of Silhouette eyewear collections deliver not only on style and design but also on practicality and function. Silhouette’s Titan Minimal Art (TMA) eyewear is one of their most popular styles and was chosen by NASA for use by Shuttle crews without any alterations or modifications to the original design. The high-tech titanium alloy used for the eyewear provides extreme durability while maintaining comfort of wear, elasticity and lightness. The hinge-less and screwless design means their is no risk of any components of the frames becoming loose.

All the parts are replaceable individually if they break and they’re made in a hi tech eco factory in Austria so they’re probably amongst the most eco minded spex available.

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