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New Monthly Eyecare Schemes

We have run a monthly eyecare scheme for many years with more than a hundred (mostly contact lens) patients. However, the old scheme had some limitations in terms of flexibility and in the convenience which it offered to patients.

We have just launched two new Juul & Payne schemes for our patients whether they prefer glasses, contact lenses or both.

For a small monthly fee, these schemes provide an excellent way of looking after your eyes continuously and receiving great value for money.

Eyecare+ members (mostly spectacle wearers) receive a number of different benefits:

• Unlimited eyecare with access to the latest eye examination technology

• 10% discount on all spectacles; sunglasses and accessories

• Priority booking

• Exclusive offers

Contact+ members (contact lens wearers) receive a number of additional benefits:

• Unlimited eyecare and contact lens aftercare with access to the latest eye examination technology

• 10% discount on all spectacles; sunglasses; accessories; contact lenses and solutions

• Free home delivery of contact lenses (and solutions) if required

• Priority booking

• Exclusive offers

New members sign up to our Direct Debit scheme for a period of 12 months and need pay nothing up front. In addition, members may choose to spread the cost of their glasses / sunglasses over 3 monthly payments collected by direct debit.

We will be migrating patients from the existing Eyeplan scheme progressively over the coming months. Patients moving to the new schemes will not need to sign up for a new minimum term of 12 months. However, they will need to sign a new Direct Debit mandate as we are changing our collection method.

Please talk to any of the Juul & Payne team for more details.


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