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Shaun the Astronaut

Congratulations to one of our more famous "patients" on his stellar new career. Aardman animation used to be based in Clifton and we still see quite a few of their people even though they’ve now moved to Bristol dockside where all of Shaun's TV programmes and films are produced.

On one occasion we were asked to glaze a tiny pair of glasses for Shaun although he now finds contact lenses more convenient for his job as an astronaut with the European Space Agency!

Shaun the sheep

Shaun the Sheep returned to Earth recently after an epic mission to the moon as an astronaut on NASA's Artemis 1 mission during which he covered 1.4 million miles on his space travels before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean.

It might be a small step for a human but it's a giant leap for lambkind to baaadly go where no lamb has been before! We are delighted to welcome back Shaun the Sheep alive and wool.


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