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Wedding Vision

This time of year marks the start of the wedding season in the UK. It's the time of year when brides and grooms think about whether they are going to be wearing their spex, contact lenses or chancing it and going without hoping that any guest they fail to recognise will be too tipsy to notice.

For those who prefer not to wear glasses, we have a huge range of contacts which can work for almost every prescription. Often a lens which isn’t perfect for work is fine for a wedding as you won’t be reading fine print or driving. We can also offer tinted contacts lenses to enhance blue or green eyes in wedding photos.

If you prefer glasses, Silhouette make the lightest, strongest rimless frames available. Coupled with their thin, lightweight coated lenses, Silhouette glasses can almost disappear in photos. They are also extremely comfortable and durable so you will enjoy wearing them at the event and for many years after.

Alternatively, you may prefer to make a feature of your glasses choosing a colour to match your outfit, perhaps silver, pearls and/or diamanté for the bride or colour matched to your outfit for the guests.

Choosing eyewear which makes you look and feel great isn't easy. That's why we offer eyeware styling consultions. Whether or not you want eyewear for a special occasion, like a wedding, our dispensing team will be delighted to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect pair of glasses for you. For more information on what is involved, and to book a consultation, please click here.


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