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When One Pair Isn't Enough

Most of our patients have more than one pair of glasses with lenses in their latest prescription. It is always good to have a spare pair of specs in case of accidents. Alternatively, you can have a pair with specialist lenses for purposes such as computer use; driving or prescription lenses in your new sunglasses for your skiing or winter sun holiday.

If you are thinking about a new pair of spectacles why not take advantage of our latest multi pair promotion offer on Essilor lenses?

Until the end of August 2023 we are offering you a half price pair of premium Essilor lenses when you buy selected Essilor varifocal or single vision lenses for your new glasses.

Until the end of March 2023 we are also offering a discount of 10% on personalised Essilor varifocal and single vision lenses.

Our new Visi Office X computerised dispensing equipment (pictured above) enables us to personalise the shape and power range of Essilor’s most sophisticated lenses. We look at your eye's anatomy; your prescription and we also consider the way you wear your frame; your posture and also how you use your eyes when you read.

All of these considerations enable us to custom design a lens that give you the clearest and sharpest vision from a lens which is as thin as possible. The lenses are also personalised to fit the frame you’ve chosen so that your spectacles are as light and comfortable as possible.

There is a very wide range of excellent Essilor lenses available and our optical staff will guide you through the process and recommend the best visual solution for your eyes and lifestyle.

So why not book a styling consultation here.


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