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Why Regular Eye Examinations Matter

Regular eye examinations are vital to safeguard your sight and monitor the health of your eyes. They can also help detect other health conditions. We provide a comprehensive eye examination to all of our patients as part of our standard eye test. This comprehensive eye care examination involves a total examination of the front of your eye and retinal imaging of the back of the eye using some of the most sophisticated eye examination technology available. What is particularly important is the ability to capture information on the condition of your eyes at a point in time and compare this with their condition at a later date. This is where our eye examination technology is so helpful. Our WAM 800 (Wave Analyzer Medica) gives a comprehensive analysis of the whole front half of the eye in less than two minutes. In that time in does all the following tests:

  • Glaucoma screening and monitoring

  • Keratoconus detection

  • Cataract screening

  • Myopia control measurements

  • Patient vision simulation

  • Eye strain and near-vision assessment

  • Spectacle prescription.

While our WAM 800 examines the front half of the eye our amazing Optomap Daytona camera does almost the whole back of the eye and provides a detailed, panoramic image of your retina enabling us to detect any early signs of disease or damage. The pictures below were taken using our WAM 800. Picture 1 shows a hazy cataract and Picture 2 shows the same cataract (just 6 months) later. You can see that the cataract is much more developed and, in this case, is causing sudden onset hazy vision.

Before and after photos make it much easier to identify if something untoward is developing so that the appropriate action may be taken such as any necessary referral. Picture 3 shows a normal anterior chamber with an angle of 30 degrees where the iris meets the cornea.

normal anterior chamber

Picture 4 shows an abnormal anterior chamber with a narrow angle of 18 degrees. This angle is the drainage angle for the eye and changes over time as the lens in the eye gets bigger (often swollen with growing cataracts and/or age). The narrow angle needed laser treatment to prevent blockage which can cause glaucoma.

abnormal anterior chamber

If you feel your vision may have changed, or you are suffering from headaches (particularly if they make you feel sick), it may just be that new glasses are needed but it could be something more serious. So if you have any concerns about your eyes, or we haven't see you for a while, we are here to help.

You can request or book an eye examination online here. Alternatively you can call to book an appointment on 0117 9735929 or eMail


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